Ubuntoo - e-solutions platform

Product Designer
Project Overview
Our project is focused on addressing the critical need for design modernization to solve existing usability issues stemming from our outdated interface. By prioritizing a comprehensive redesign, we aim to transform the user experience, guiding users seamlessly through content with clear, intuitive navigation and interaction cues. This effort will significantly enhance usability, making our interface more user-friendly and accessible, ultimately fostering a more engaging and efficient experience for all users.
My Contributions
As the sole product designer, I've played a pivotal role in identifying the usability challenges within our current design, utilizing user research and feedback to inform our modernization strategy. My contributions have included the development of a more intuitive navigation schema and the implementation of user-friendly design elements that simplify interactions and enhance accessibility. Through iterative testing and refinement, I've ensured that our redesign meets the high standards of usability and user experience our customers expect, directly contributing to a more engaging and efficient product.
Starting with the basics. Who, what and why.
The strategy was to conduct a comprehensive design audit of the platform to identify areas where design principles and best practices were overlooked. I created prototypes, gathered feedback, and employed an iterative process to ensure continuous improvement.