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Product Designer
Project Overview current application is plagued by outdated design elements and poor usability, leading to a frustrating user experience that falls short of current standards. It lacks intuitive navigation and modern UX practices, making it difficult for users to efficiently access its features and functionalities. There's a critical need for a comprehensive overhaul to modernize the app's interface, improve its usability, and ensure it meets the expectations of today's mobile users.
My Contributions
I spearheaded a comprehensive redesign of the iOS app, focusing on user-centric improvements to address usability and aesthetic issues. By reimagining the navigation structure, introducing a modern design language, and optimizing for responsiveness, I enhanced the app's intuitiveness and visual appeal. These changes led to a significant improvement in user satisfaction and engagement, successfully modernizing the app to meet current standards.
I provided a skeletal framework outlining the layout and structure of key interface elements without the distraction of visual design details. It helped me and stakeholders visualize the application's functionality and user interactions early in the design process, allowing for efficient iteration and alignment on the overall design direction.
Defining the flow
I mapped out the sequence of interactions and transitions that users will experience as they navigate through the features and functionalities. By carefully orchestrating these flow, I ensured that users can intuitively move through the application, accomplishing tasks efficiently and effectively.

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