AgilityHealth - Saas Enterprise App

Product Designer
Project Overview
Agilityhealth's current application faces significant user experience challenges despite our developers' efforts to design the application, which lead to usability issues for our users. The cluttered and non-intuitive interface makes it difficult for users to locate and comprehend crucial data, resulting in heightened frustration and increased abandonment rates.
My Contributions
I was the only designer on the project so everything you see I created myself. I improved the overall user experience and user interface by addressing usability issues, optimizing visual elements, and incorporating new functionalities. I focused on clarity, consistency, and user feedback to enhance the usability and visual appeal. Regular testing and iteration were key in ensuring user needs were met.
Client Feedback

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gil for the last four years and he has consistently demonstrated strong skills and expertise in user experience and interface design.”

Georgia Ouren

VP, Product Management
Starting with the basics. Who, what and why.
The strategy was to conduct a comprehensive design audit of the entire application to identify areas where design principles and best practices were overlooked. Additionally, I established a system of standards and a library of components. I created prototypes, gathered feedback, and employed an iterative process to ensure continuous improvement.

Quantitative & Qualitative Feedback

This combination of positive qualitative and quantitative feedback underscores the success of the design overhaul in enhancing user experience, improving engagement, and contributing to the application's overall success.


Increase in assessment creation


Decrease in user support requests


Improvement in user retention rates post-launch


User Satisfaction

Users report a high level of satisfaction with the new interface, noting its ease of use and aesthetic appeal. They particularly appreciate the modern look and feel, stating it significantly improves their daily interaction with the software.


Improved Usability

Feedback from user testing sessions indicates that the intuitive layout and streamlined navigation have drastically reduced the learning curve for new users, while existing users have found it easier to discover and use advanced features.


Enhanced Engagement

Users have expressed that the real-time updates and responsive elements make the application more engaging. They enjoy the seamless experience across different devices, which encourages them to use the application more frequently and for longer periods.

Defining the flow
I mapped out the sequence of interactions and transitions that users will experience as they navigate through the features and functionalities. By carefully orchestrating these flow, I ensured that users can intuitively move through the application, accomplishing tasks efficiently and effectively.
I provided a skeletal framework outlining the layout and structure of key interface elements without the distraction of visual design details. It helped me and stakeholders visualize the application's functionality and user interactions early in the design process, allowing for efficient iteration and alignment on the overall design direction.
I created personas to helped provide detailed, user-centric insights that guided the creation of features and interfaces tailored to meet the specific needs, behaviors, and goals of different user segments. By grounding design decisions in personas, I was able to prioritize functionality, enhance user experiences, and ensure the product effectively solved real problems for its intended users, ultimately leading to increased user satisfaction and product success.
Design System
I created a design system, which offered several benefits, including consistency across products and platforms, which enhanced user experience and strengthened brand identity. It streamlined the design process, enabling faster iteration and scalability as teams can reuse components and patterns. Additionally, it facilitated collaboration among designers and developers, fostering better communication and alignment towards common design goals.

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